Another day, another injury. This time it’s Tannehill.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a leg injury Thursday. The injury seems to be to his left leg, the same leg he injured last season. The Miami Herald reports that he was scrambling to the sideline when he fell by no contact. He was able to walk to the locker room but ‘gingerly’ according to the report.

He is still being evaluated at this time. It is unknown how serious the injury may be. The Dolphins are hoping it is not that serious, as they remember what it was like after Tannehill went down last season. The team will need Tannehill this season with the tough schedule ahead.

The offense has taken some major blows. The Dolphins saw an injury to running back Jay Ajayi who wassidelined with a concussion this week. Center Mike Pouncey is also still working his way back from injury. If these three players can not make it back before the season begins, their playoff hopes could be gone before the season even begins.