Ed: Hey, guys. The showdown with Penn State is finally upon us. How are we feeling heading into this one? Anything you saw against Indiana last week that gives you reason to be optimistic?
Dan: If the last, I dunno, 6-8 minutes of the game didn’t happen, I’d be feeling about as good as I could have expected heading in. The offensive line finally showed a pulse, the offensive coaching staff made a concentrated effort to get DPJ the ball, and the defense did Don Brown things. The collapse left a bad taste in my mouth because it was the same meltdown recipe we’ve seen way too many times (relative) in the Jim Harbaugh era. John O’Korn stinks, but otherwise, I’m not sure many other units on this team could have had a better test run.
Von: Well, the run game was pretty damn good, wasn’t it? Karan Higdon looked like Mike Hart last weekend and rushed for 200 yards.


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