Animosity is no stranger when the Bengals and Steelers are playing one another. No shortage of injuries, fines, and suspensions are handed out after every matchup, and it’s taken its toll on those involved.
“Every game I’ve been in against the Steelers has (had) some type of aggressive hits, or something dirty going on,” said Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd.
Nobody wants to see this. The fan bases don’t like to watch these games. While there are some NFL fans that will say this is good old-fashioned football, most others will say that rivalries like this are bad for the game. But the players are the ones that despise these kinds of games the most.
“You know, it’s AFC North football,” said Steelers’ quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. “It’s one of those game that can get chippy at times. You hope it doesn’t.


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