Last week, Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd hinted on his Instagram account that something was wrong, which led many to believe that his knee injury could be worse than expected.

My 🙏🏽 to the big guy #upabove we've been on this train 🚂 for so long, you have blessed me in more why's then I could've possibly imagine. For that I I'm truly thankful. You've been there when there was no one around, you've held me together when I thought I was at my edge, you've aloud me to play a game that kids dream about to this day. For that I continue to place my hands together 🙏🏽 I come to you tonight that same kid in 2006, not moved by greed, not moved by negativity, not moved in bad behavior. I'm down on one knee praying my road doesn't end here…. there are so many more lives to touch, so much more joy to spread. You've believed in me for to long to turn your back on me now. Don't let me go out this way. All I ask is for a fighting chance… this game means so much to me and the foundation is still being laid one stone 💎 at a time. I'm hurting and I don't know how to say it aloud, I am truly humbled in your grace. Grant me one last run, I promise I'll lay my soul on the line. #humbleandhungry #215raisedme #begreat73 #savagelife #unlockthecage #notdoneyet #cametofartogiveup #watchmework #pleasedoubtme #level40training

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Turns out that was indeed the case. Reports came out about Floyd’s knee on Thursday.

Floyd played in the first game of the season before suffering the knee injury. He did not return the rest of the season.

USA Today mentioned that during that surgery to clean up the meniscus, the nerve that controls Floyd’s quadriceps was disrupted and after six months, the quad is still not firing.

“Sharrif is rehabbing, has seen some of the best doctors in the country, will continue to rehab and hopefully, this will heal sooner than later,”  Floyd’s agent Brian Mackler. (USA Today)

Head coach Mike Zimmer expressed frustration about Floyd’s injuries and was stunned a couple months later about how bad the injury was.

“We didn’t think it would be this long, to be honest with you,” Zimmer said. “We didn’t think it was going to be, like, six years worth of hurt.” (

While missing time in training camp, Zimmer said that he is used to him being hurt and continued his frustrations after Floyd was hurt after the first game.

“We feel good about the guys we have. He’s played, what, 12 plays this year? He hasn’t played,” Zimmer said. “Kind of out of sight out of mind.” (

Last week Zimmer talked about Floyd and was not ready to give up on him.

“We’re waiting on him to get healthy and if that’s the case, I think he can have a good year.” (

Floyd was drafted 23rd overall by the Vikings in 2013 out of Florida. He was expected to be a top-10 pick, so when he dropped to the Vikings, many were shocked.

He did not show much promise during his rookie season, but in 2014 he became a full-time starter and became a key contributor to a defense that made huge strides after ranking last in points allowed the previous season.

Floyd played in all 16 games (starting one) during his rookie season, missed two games in 2014 and three in 2015.

He is due $6.75 million in 2017, which became guaranteed after March 9. Many expected the Vikings to cut him before that. They would have saved all of the $6.75 million had they done so.

The Vikings already have a good defense, but they surely could have used Floyd last season and also this upcoming season. Though his injuries were a concern, he is good when he plays. He and Linval Joseph formed one of the best defensive tackle tandems in the league.

Injuries are always the unfortunate part about this game and the fact that the surgery made his situation even worse makes the situation even more unfortunate.

Last week, Zimmer and general manager worked out Michigan State defensive tackle Malik McDowell at his Pro Day event. He is expected to be taken in the first round, but Spielman has shown that he is willing to trade up into the first.

Last season Shamar Stephen started in all 16 games. He and Tom Johnson are both very good backups, but not starter material on a championship defense. It will be very interesting to see what the Vikings do at that position.

If this is, in fact, it for Floyd, best wishes to him. It is a shame that his short career has been plagued by injuries. He certainly has the talent to be very good.

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