The Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is once again in the news. According to reports Elliott was involved in an altercation on Sunday in Dallas.

The team will be investigating the situation to find out what actually happened. Elliott has been involved in a few incidents this offseason, which don’t appear to a good thing given the current investigation into his off-field behavior. Dallas Police Department has issued a statement on the events that took place Sunday.

The statement does not mention the Cowboys’ running back. Ezekiel Elliott needs to try and avoid situations like these but this isn’t something new for the Dallas Cowboys. During his early years with the team, Dez Bryant was also always in the limelight when it came to off the field situations.

With the suspension looming for Ezekiel Elliott,  negative press like this won’t help his case. However, until he is actually implicated by police it wouldn’t be fair to condemn the talented running back. No arrests were made and outside of Adam’s report, there isn’t anything thus far that can link Elliott to the altercation other than the fact that he was there.