We see it every season. From one year to the nex,t a team falls off completely in a facet of the game that derails their entire season. The biggest difference usually isn’t the loss of a star in free agency or an inability to overcome the opponent’s strategy. No, the passing of time is consistently the integral change.
Usually these teams are overrated to begin with. They were great at something unsustainable, propped up by an illusion. The 2016 Texas Rangers won 36 one-run games; they went 13-24 in one-run games the following season and won 17 less total games in 2017. The Oakland Raiders had a one possession record of 10-2 in 2016 that flipped to 4-3 in 2017, ending in a 6-10 season. The 15-1 Carolina Panthers had a +20 turnover differential; they won only six games the next season and had a turnover differential of -2.


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