Are The Rams Looking At Manziel As A Potential Backup?

Johnny Manziel has not given up on the possibility of returning to the NFL. This weekend at the National Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas. Manziel told Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News that he’s already had a couple of conversations with NFL teams about returning to the league.  Manziel admitted that he put himself in his current situation, but it seems that he has learned from his past and is ready to move on. He said he is hoping for another opportunity to redeem himself.  With Manziel’s recent comments, are the Rams interested in Johnny Manziel?

Rams Still Believe That Goff Is Their Man..

Sean McVay is committed to developing Jared Goff into a superstar, however it is a necessity for any team to have a quality backup. Currently, the projected backup quarterback would be Sean Mannion, who has thrown a total of 9 NFL passes and one of those being an interception. Manziel would be an upgrade over Mannion and would be able to help the development of Goff as well. Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur would love an opportunity to have both Goff and Manziel as his quarterbacks.

Is Manziel Worth It?

If Manziel were to sign with any NFL team, the media would be all over it. Would the Rams want that much media attention for a backup? The Rams  have to believe that they are a much better team with Manziel on their roster for that to happen. Manziel has only played in 14 games in his career with 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions to match. These numbers do not indicate that Manziel has had success, but in his defense, he was playing for the Browns. If Manziel is surrounded by quality coaches, Manziel could develop into the star that he was at Texas A&M.


There aren’t any reports that link the Rams and Manziel together. However, they have been connected in the past. Many thought that the Rams may draft Manziel back in 2014, but they decided to draft Aaron Donald instead. It is safe to say that the Rams made the correct decision back then. The real question becomes, if Manziel says he is a changed man, do the Rams take a chance?

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