Greetings, Raider fans! This is the Great Raiderdamus, the artist formerly known as RDreamer. Since I’m a big shot around here, the Grand Poobahs of SBNation Upper Management have asked me to go by my real name. My ability to tell the future and be witty, naturally, remain unchanged.
Throughout the month of July, your friendly neighborhood S&BP Staff are breaking down each one of the Raiders’ opponents. Today we focus on the Raiders’ Week 4 opponent, the Cleveland Browns.
The Browns were an unmitigated disaster last year, losing every game for the second 0-16 campaign in league history. This gave them the first overall pick in the draft, which they used on mercurial Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, who is essentially Jim McMahon with a worse drinking problem.
But the Browns also had a TON of cap room, and by God they used it.


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