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  1. @TSU_Tigers @TSUTigersMBB Great effort, turnovers, and free throws, IMO decided the game...

  2. @trojans444_love at this point, @TSUTigersMBB HAVE to WIN the OVC, that's the primary objective, WIN the Tourney, securing automatic bid 🏀💪🏿

  3. ACTION is where FAITH becomes REAL...

  4. @Hawk Did you ever receive your Tee? May you have a safe and prosperous New Year...

  5. HUMANITY should be our race... LOVE should be our RELIGION...

  6. @Reflog_18 Had to love the effort though...

  7. @mr_gause @hiramboyd WR's ARENT winning ONE on ONE match ups, NONE of them REQUIRE help. OFF also needs MORE creativity, to easy too defend

  8. Merry OzMas... #Pugmas

  9. @hiramboyd Told ya Bruh....

  10. @CelebrationBowl @NCCU @Grambling1901 @AirForceReserve @MEACSports @theswac @GSU_TIGERS @NCCUAthletics @TheUndefeated I just didnt see that

  11. @trojans444_love @TSU_Tigers @TSUTigersMBB You can re-watch online under the watch tab on

  12. @ShannonSharpe He made the change for an OPPORTUNITY to stay in theNFL You can't talk trash when vs CIN you go 2 GMS 3 REC/7 TGT 21 YDS 0 TD


  14. @ESPNCleveland The got it right with WAS, but NOT with OSU What they're essentially saying, is OSU win over OU > PSU H2H W and B1G Title #BS

  15. @SECbooger You cant DIMINISH the value of H2H, and Conf Champ, in favor of a DESIRED matchup. Eye test doesnt trump what COMPETITION decided