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  1. :-)

  2. RT @buffalopundit: A reminder that @theBuffaloNews @bobmccarthybn noted a Politico story re @RepChrisCollins stock tips, but nothing on all…

  3. RT @david_j_roth: What is Sean Hannity's best look? My personal favorite is Author Photo In Book About Conquering Porn Addiction Hannity. h…

  4. @buffalopundit Which is he? Uday or Qusay?

  5. RT @PaulSzoldra: It’s worth noting that the Florida shooter joined the Army national guard in 2007, height of surge, when standards were si…

  6. RT @imillhiser: In a weird way you have to admire the zero fucks contempt McConnell has for anyone whose long-term memory exceeds that of a…

  7. RT @RobTornoe: Hell of a lede from @bobfordsports in his new #Eagles column

  8. Self Righteous 2nd Gen Bar Owner feels disrespected. @buffalopundit (And who goes to Brennan's?)

  9. Cuz transparency

  10. @ByMHarrington @SabresNationWNY Pretend you want to ask them about Uber

  11. RT @buffalopundit: Re: LRT Fixed that for you @AaronBesecker #Buffalove #VisitBuffaloNiagara

  12. RT @politico: The six so-called “faithless” votes cast by members of the Electoral College Monday were the most since 1808…

  13. @Bulldogwgr @ByMHarrington Seems roads around the arena are having more probs than usual w/snow removal

  14. @buffalopundit @TomPreciousALB Perhaps it's more about ad revenue for the Pegulas

  15. @TWC_Help Why is NBC Sports (#35) out in Buffalo