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  1. He should have never been an alternate IMO.
  2. Well spoken. I'm upset enough with the team. If I was a season ticket holder I would be furious.
  3. 2 good writers. Good questions and a good review of the game coming up.
  4. KRAP for Brains Kravitz says " Luck is in danger of becoming the next Tim Couch or David Carr " All the more reason to not read or listen to him. He continues to be a top 5 QB in spite of the lack of credible coaching. If only we had an owner that is capable of hiring the right personnel.
  5. I'm shocked at the Moore move. I saw him tackling all over the field. I don't feel good about Morrison and McNary replacing him so soon.
  6. I wonder if the team might release him. I heard rumors of that during the preseason. I hope they at least give him a few games to see what he has to offer.
  7. We sure could use some good luck with Jones coming back and producing like his Ravens days.
  8. Kelly, Blythe, and Haeg. For some reason I feel this might be a good thing happening. They just might permanently replace Good & Reitz.
  9. Next man up. It's time to see how well Haeg and the other rookie lineman play with a chance to shine and make it tough for Pagano and Philbin to decide who to play.
  10. I see all the former Colts except Sanders entering the Hall sooner or later. I think "Edge" should be this year if not next. Donaldson and Hinton were phenomenal in their time. Is this the first year for Hinton and Donaldson ?
  11. Just my opinion (Grading) for the game I would tend to give the offense a B- close to a C for the lack of a running game. No holes for Gore etc. The team is going to have to develop a more balanced offense this season or teams will realize we can't run the ball and will tee off on Luck. Defense a D. There were times that stops were made when needed, but vast improvement is needed Special teams a B McAffee, Vinatieri, and Overton were their normal close to perfect self. I cannot give them a D solely for that hysterical return attempt at the end of the game.
  12. Being honest and blunt, inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson told reporters that defensively, the Colts played "like s***". Head coach Chuck Pagano added that improvement on third down and tackling were aspects of the game that need the most improvement for the defense. When asked why his team, and defense in particular are prone to slow starts, Pagano had little offer to up. The offense was impressive in the 2nd half, but the offense didn't help the cause by its slow start in the 1st half
  13. Good to see some different info about the team. Every stat seems easy for each player to achieve.