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  1. Ironically, now as he's eligible for the Hall, he suddenly has regrets..
  2. Anyone paying close attention when he was in Tennessee saw the potential. He left because Delanie Walker passed him on the depth chart. The Rams offensive staff didn't use him in the deep Passing game, and Green Bay is the beneficiary...especially in light of Quarless being out.
  3. The Texans did as well as could be expected. To take the next step, they'd need the type of QB they've never had. Those don't come around every day.
  4. It's been a while since Gruden began, and he was an anomaly. Years of experience, at least at the coordinator level, has been key in head coaching searches since then for the most part. But with the internal promotions of Ben McAdoo and Dirk Koetter, plus the Dolphins hire of Adam Gase, all paying immediate fruit, now the emphasis is on protecting your younger in-house talent to not let them get away. I bet Denver wishes now Gase had never left, and the Redskins will wish the same for McVay.
  5. Great story..and one of the reasons I love football. .the underdog..
  6. He owns Bortles...but tonight is his greatest challenge. .Brady in a playoff game.
  7. Actually, they will be missing the one guy who could've made an impact for them in this game...Watt. Mercilus and Clowney have been great in his absence, but Watt has the motor to keep charging better than anyone else once the game becomes 10 or 14-0.
  8. Having Zeke in the backfield will help for sure, but a review of the first playoff games for some of the greats in league history shows how hard the task of winning is for first timers. Dan Marino--lost to Seattle at home in the Divisional round. Peyton Manning--lost to Tennessee at home in the Divisional round. Brett Favre--won Wild Card game in Detroit. Joe Montana--won Divisional round at home against the Giants as part of a three game sweep of the playoffs. Tom Brady--won the tuck rule game in the Divisional round against Oakland. Jim Kelly--lost both of his USFL playoff games, but won for Buffalo in Divisional round at home. John Elway--lost Wild Card game in Seattle 31-7. Roger Staubach--won Divisional round game at home as part of a three game sweep of the playoffs. Terry Bradshaw--won at home against Oakland in "the immaculate reception" game. Eli Manning--shut out at home by Carolina in the Wild Card round. Aaron Rodgers--lost Wild Card game in Arizona in overtime. Warren Moon--won Wild Card game at home against Seattle at the end of the strike season of 1987. It should be noted only Marino and Elway were rookies.
  9. It would likely be the biggest upset in playoff history.
  10. A little luck wouldn't hurt either....
  11. Now that the Rams have hired McVay, the Bills hired McDermott, and the Broncos hired Joseph, the question is what happened to Kyle Shanahan?
  12. He'll spark a lot of interest now, not just in Philly.
  13. They'll need him...
  14. D'Qwell is a great player, but those guys, like Posluszny as well, are a dime a dozen. All in the Zach Thomas mode.