The first four games of the regular season are a good indicator of how a season will turn out.

With the rebuild in place for the 49ers, it’s important that they make a good first impression with the new regime. Let’s see how they will start the first quarter of the 2017 regular season.

Week One: vs. Carolina Panthers

It’s a fresh start for both teams as each of them attempts to get back into the playoffs.

There is much anticipation for the 49ers with their fans in attendance at Levi’s Stadium. What will they expect with Shanahan as head coach? What to make of the roster that both Shanahan and Lynch have constructed? How will they fare against a hungry Panthers team?

The 49ers’ offense looks to have a semblance of how to drive down the field with the rookie head coach’s system. The defense also appears to be in the right direction as they can halt the Newton-led offensive attack.

However, the Panthers’ defense shows just why they are so dangerous as they force multiple late-game turnovers. Newton leads a charge down the field and closes out the game in dramatic fashion.

It’s not the way the team wants to start, but it’s still a sign of improvement.

Week Two: at Seattle Seahawks

Many were impressed by Shanahan’s first game despite the loss. He begins to regroup with the team as they look for their first victory over Seattle since 2013.

Shanahan gets his first experience against the Seahawks in this hostile environment as 49ers head coach. However, he has prepared his team through practice. He simulates the sounds that will happen and gets his offense ready.

The defense is proving that they have improved a great deal since 2016, as their front seven attacks the abysmal Seahawks’ offensive line. The game remains a defensive one until the final minutes, as the Seahawks pull away to deliver the 49ers their second straight game they’ve lost in the final moments.

Week Three: vs. Los Angeles Rams

The only primetime game for the 49ers for the 2017 season. A Thursday Night game against the LA Rams.

Much like last year’s Thursday Night game for the 49ers against the Cardinals, this game is going to experience low attendance.

However, the game itself is something to watch. The 49ers’ defense begins a coming out party for the front seven. The pass rushing attack of Solomon Thomas and DeForest Buckner takes full effect. Reuben Foster shows people at home just why he’s called a draft steal as he looks primed to take over for Bowman in the future. It begins to look as if the 49ers’ defense turned the clock back a few years early.

The offense manages to put up big numbers with Carlos Hyde leading the way. Joe Williams gets in on the action as well. The offense is beginning to look like it’s taking form as the 49ers get an impressive win.

Week Four: at Arizona Cardinals

Out of the games before week four, the 49ers were labeled as underdogs. That doesn’t change with this week, but many experts believe that the 49ers can come out of this 1-2 dilemma.

The 49ers’ front seven continues their assault on the quarterback in Arizona. The defense causes a good amount of turnovers from Carson Palmer and sack the former Trojan in a constant barrage.

However, David Johnson takes over the gameĀ and looks as if the run defense is back to what it was in 2016 as they give up 150+ to the pro bowler.

The passing offense goes through various halts, as they can’t overcome the Cardinals’ secondary. The running game is what helps keep the game interesting for the team.

The 49ers still fall short, but not by much as Phil Dawson has to come in for a late game field goal to ice it.