The 49ers’ (hypothetical) season is beginning in average fashion. Last time we left off the team is 3-5 after eight games.

So far, the season is going much better than it did in 2016. Mostly because the 49ers have beaten a team not named the Los Angeles Rams for the first time since 2015. Even more impressive, more than one team is not called the Los Angeles Rams.

The 49ers are not a team that is looking into the playoffs. However, they are a team that can continue to improve.

Week Nine: vs. Arizona Cardinals

After the team’s previous loss to the Cardinals, the team has made adjustments to stop David Johnson during his All-Pro year. They make a better habit of stacking the box but also disguising Eric Reid and Jaquiski Tartt when the Cardinals go for passing situations.

The 49ers’ offense utilizes a run game of Hyde and Williams to success with Hoyer making conservative reads on passing downs.

The 49ers win the turnover battle and get the victory back home in Santa Clara.

Week Ten: vs. New York Giants

The 49ers have their hands full with the Giants in week ten. Eli is having great success with Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall. The Giants’ defense is clicking on nearly all cylinders. It’s going to be a long one for San Francisco.

The 49ers contain the Giants’ passing attack early and often by getting after Manning. This is the start of when the 49ers’ pass rush begins coming into their own.

The offense has a few hiccups along the way to trying to score but keeps the game close with Robbie Gould’s field goals.

The Giants begin to loosen up on offense and pull away with the win in the fourth quarter.

Week Eleven: Bye Week

Many are wondering if Shanahan’s system is a product of talent over genius. He deflects the questions. However, it’s evident that many questions are circulating whether or not him molding the offense in his image was the best idea.

John Lynch assists and provides praise for the rookie head coach. He reminds reporters that this is a rebuilding period and that not everything happens overnight.

Week Twelve: vs. Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers Faithful are dying to see a win for the 49ers over the Seahawks. It’s something that they’ve been missing for a long time now.

The defense is beginning to come into its own as the 49ers make it a defensive battle. They get after Russell Wilson and company constantly and provide good field position for the offense.

However, it’s wasted as the offense has trouble moving the ball against the Seahawks’ defense. The game ends 17-13. Seahawks win.

Week Thirteen: at Chicago Bears

It’s been a grueling season for both the Bears and the 49ers. Many believe that both should tank the season for the number one pick. However, the 49ers want to show that they’ve improved and wanted a victory for their coach.

The defense makes sure to stop Jordan Howard on every play. They make it a habit of getting after Mitchell Trubisky to halt the offense from moving.

The 49ers’ offense is finding their groove on a snowy day as they stick with the run game. Joe Williams has a big game for the team and shows why he’s such a steal.

The 49ers pull away to a 5-7 record after a convincing win.