This is the final leg of the season. The part where the games matter most and show how much a team is improving.

In the last article, the 49ers hold a 5-7 record. If they can win the final four games, then they will have a winning record. It’s a daunting task, especially with the competitive AFC South making up three-fourths of the final games.

Let’s see how the 49ers come out at the season’s end.

Week 14: at Houston Texans

It’s a big defensive game in Houston. Both quarterbacks are being assaulted by the opposing team’s front seven.

The standout, though, is Houston’s rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson. He’s already showing that he’s one of the league’s most promising young talents at his position.

The issue in this game is that he continues to be harassed by the pass rush and it’s forcing him to make mistakes. One of the mistakes nearly costs his team when he throws an errant pass that is intercepted by Jimmie Ward.

The 49ers’ offense is driving down the field, but are stopped on a fourth down attempt when JJ Watt stuffs Carlos Hyde. The 49ers’ chances at a winning record ends.

Week 15: vs. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are a team on the rise and are looking at a playoff berth. Marcus Mariota is turning into one of the game’s most dynamic talents at the quarterback positions. That mixed with the backfield tandem of Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray makes things even more explosive for this Titans team.

It’s is how the Titans get away with this one. The 49ers’ offense can’t keep up with Tennessee and end up falling behind in the fourth quarter.

Week 16: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are a young and talented team that is underperforming much like the 49ers.

There is a deadlock that is met between the 49ers’ defense and the Jaguars’ offense. Bortles can’t get away from the mistakes, and the pass rush and Leonard Fournette can’t find any running lanes.

The 49ers’ offense is finding relative success as they pull away with a victory in their final home game.

Week 17: at Los Angeles Rams

The last game of the season. The 49ers are looking to come out on top. A 7-9 record isn’t the best thing but improving upon the record by five wins is something to keep fans excited.

It doesn’t start off that easy for the 49ers. The team is falling behind after multiple big drives by the Rams’ offense.

The 49ers are staying in the game at the beginning of the second half. However, the Rams are pulling away with the young talent on offense.

The Rams’ defense contains the 49ers’ offense in the fourth quarter, resulting in the first win against the 49ers after many games.

The Offseason

The front office and Kyle Shanahan are looking to rebuild the offense. They sign Kirk Cousins and draft receivers and offensive linemen in the 2018 Draft.

The most shocking move that came about is that they didn’t re-sign Carlos Hyde. They’re choosing to stick with Joe Williams and using the money that they could have used on Hyde and re-sign Eric Reid.

Once again, the 49ers are being called a team moving up. Some experts even say that the 49ers will be a threat to make it into the playoffs in 2018.