Optimism has been in short supply around here for most of the past decade. That might be changing. Although the Bears fell slightly short of our expectations of 5.76 wins last season, they were only 10 points short of an 8-4 finish. Thanks to continuity among the staff and at several key positions, this could be a breakout year for the Bears. It certainly doesn’t diminish our hopes that several of our in-conference rivals look uncertain due to coaching changes and replacement of some top talent. We should be better this year, but will we be favored-in-10-games better? Apparently!
A few weeks ago I asked you all to predict the Bears’ chances of defeating each opponent this season. And you were an enthusiastic lot, as we had well over 200 responses. I gathered all the data, printed it out on several sheets of paper, and mailed it to Evans Hall.


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