On Monday, NFL Network released their preseason schedule for the 2017 NFL season.

The Philadelphia Eagles preseason schedule will go as follows:


  • Week 1 – @ Green Bay Packers (August 10-14)
  • Week 2 – vs. Buffalo Bills (August 17-21)
  • Week 3 – vs. Miami Dolphins (August 24-27)
  • Week 4 – @ New York Jets (August 31-September 1)


The Eagles and the Jets have been opponents with each other since 2001. All-time Eagles rushing leader LeSean McCoy will return to Philadelphia during Week 2. It is unlikely, though, that he will have a full workload. Because teams aren’t in the regular season, preseason play is scheduled so that teams do not have to travel very far. The only away games are in Wisconsin and New York–a very reasonable travel distance for the Eagles. Collectively, the Eagles are 2-2 against their opponents since the last time the team played each team.

The official times and dates will be most likely announced during the summer during training camp.

Here is the entire NFL preseason opponent list: