This is the 5th in a series of articles I am writing to analyze some common NFL statistics, focusing on how much value they have relative to team wins. I want to acknowledge the work of Brian Burke, Chase Stuart and even our own Matt Grecco, who inspired this analysis and whose methodologies I have leveraged, as well as Pro Football Reference, Armchair Analysis and as the sources of my data.
There are a lot of things not to like about passer rating.
It’s old. It has not been updated since the Vietnam war (literally!).
It’s range has no intuitive meaning, scaled from 0 to a cryptic 158.3.
And then of course there’s this: Passer Rating = 100 *(((MAX(0,MIN((Cmp/Att – 0.3) * 5, 2.375))) + (MAX(0,MIN((Yds/Att – 3) * 0.25, 2.375))) + (MAX(0,MIN((TD/Att) * 20, 2.375))) + (MAX(0,MIN(2.375 – INT/Att * 25, 2.


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