At times last season, watching Cam Newton play was about as fun as watching paint dry.  The team lacked it’s hype that embodied the team in 2015, and injuries hampered the team’s success.  However, with Newton coming off shoulder surgery and Oher off the IR, the Panthers have the ability to rebound to 2015 statistics.

2016 Cam Newton: The Ugly

Let’s face it, last season Newton finished 30th in completion rate, and was seventh in interception percentage.  While the offensive line at times struggled momentously, Newton still threw for over 3500 yards, even if he was 25th in QBR.  We can’t fully blame Newton for these statistics, but with the injuries from last season Newton received, is he still our future QB?

The 2017 Draft – A Step in the Right Direction for the Panthers

In the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Carolina took a running back to re-establish its’ powerful run game in Christian McCaffrey.  The second round went to another needed position with Curtis Samuel as a WR.  In addition, the third round pick was an offensive lineman.  These three draft picks not only give Newton more targets, but also help protect Newton so a play can develop.

2017 Cam Newton: The Ultimate Test

Sure, Newton has faced adversity before.  Whether that adversity was a car crash, or a torn rotator cuff, or even a concussion, Newton has always found a way to overcome.  This year is no different for Newton and the Carolina Panthers.  With a bolstered O-Line and more targets for Newton to throw to, a fan must wonder if Carolina has the ability to go all the way this year.  While Vegas says “9 wins”, Carolina has the possibility to win more.  This starts with our offense and defense having a bond like what was witnessed in 2015.  When the Panthers had fun, they won.  If the Panthers work together, develop together, and play together like they did in 2015, this year could be great for Carolina.

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