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The Cincinnati Bengals have kept the hope of their season alive with a victory against the Denver Broncos. Those hopes may be on life support, but they’re still kicking.
Sunday’s game was weird because it is really getting frustrating seeing offensive players not get opportunities over players who aren’t performing.
On the defensive side they have slowly incorporated these younger players, and the defense has been way better because of it. The youth on that side of the ball has really rejuvenated a unit that was starting to roll downhill.
On offense, however, we are still seeing the same players out there not performing, but changes just aren’t being made.

Snap count takeaways:
Leg cramps seemed to have a huge effect on this game late for the Bengals defense. Especially because they played 81 total snaps.

After two straight weeks of getting pummeled by NFC opponents, it’s really hard to think about the Dallas Cowboys making the 2017 playoffs. After losing to the Falcons, they lost hold of the final wild card spot. After losing to the Eagles, all hope of an NFC East repeat was dashed, and now they find themselves gasping their last breaths. How much trouble are they in? Let’s first look at the NFC playoff picture to see where they are.

The Cowboys currently reside in the 10th position for NFC playoff berths. Here is the crazy thing though, if the Seahawks lose tonight to the Falcons, Dallas will be only one game behind the final wild card spot.
There is not much to hang your hat on when it comes to Dallas, they have been playing some ugly football recently. But, for arguments sake, let’s say they magically got things turned around and started winning games.

While former Raiders OC Bill Musgrave takes over the offensive coordinator position in Denver, it leaves Mike McCoy looking for work. Could Oakland be a good place for him to find it?
The move to promote Musgrave comes the same week the Broncos are preparing to face his former team, which could give the Broncos an advantage in preparation as Musgrave spent two seasons under Del Rio in Oakland before being replaced by Todd Downing.
Whether McCoy is the right place to look as a scapegoat is hard to say, but the timing of the move is good. Should the Raiders choose to do so, they could do the same by bringing McCoy into the fold.
Del Rio knows McCoy well. The two were coordinators in Denver together in 2012 before McCoy left to become the head coach of the Chargers.

It’s still a bit of a mystery to the general public what exactly is wrong with Gareon Conley’s shin, but it would seem at least doctors have figured it out. Monday he will be having surgery to fix it, Conley announced on his Instagram account this morning.

A week ago, during their bye, the Raiders finally gave up on the hopes Conley would return this season and placed him on injured reserve.
Conley was the team’s top pick in this year’s draft at 24 overall. He was looking promising through the offseason before suffering the shin injury in June minicamps.
Every step of the way, the team thought Conley would return in short order. First, they said he would be back for training camp. Then midway through camp, GM Reggie McKenzie said he had shin splints and would be back soon.

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