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The signing that sets up the Cowboys for prime contention in the coming years – Bucky Brooks, NFL.comBrooks explains why signing Zack Martin should make the Cowboys contenders for years to come.

Dallas hasn’t been discussed as a legitimate title contender in 2018, but the Cowboys’ commitment to the offensive line will make them viable players for the crown for the years to come. Now, I know that I’ve called this time of year “proclamation season,” due to the bold and outlandish claims that we hear from coaches, players and observers, but the ‘Boys are building a championship-caliber house on a rock-solid foundation that’s helped them claim a pair of division titles in recent years (2014 and ’16) despite having flawed squads.

Offseason practices have been 86’d and we’re now 86 days until the season opener. Can you believe Lee Smith is entering his fourth season with the Raiders? It may not seem that way because he missed all but four games in 2016 due to injury.
That season, despite their offense leading the way to 12 wins, they missed Smith’s contributions. Without him, the team used a lot of jumbo packages with a tackle eligible. That may work from a blocking standpoint, but it essentially removes any need for a defender to stay at home in coverage.
Seeing Smith on TV doesn’t do him much justice. The 6-6, 265-pounder is one of the most imposing people you’ll ever see in person. And you’ll immediately feel thankful you’re not meeting in on a football field or in a dark alley.

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley spoke to the media at the conclusion of minicamp on Thursday. Here is our reader’s digest on what he had to say:
Installing the New Language
Although he didn’t get into the specifics, Haley said that at this time of the year, it’s about installing an entirely new language for the offense. He said they threw everything at the players so they “had a lot to deal with, worry, and think about.”QB Talk
Despite coming into a new situation with new coaches and new players, Tyrod Taylor has done a “tremendous job” establishing himself as the leader of the offense. When Haley arrives to Berea each day, Taylor’s car is already there, and when Haley leaves, Taylor’s car is still there.

Contrary to popular belief in the Bay Area, not everyone has shown unmitigated excitement for the Oakland Raiders’ hiring of Jon Gruden. Former Raiders defensive back and coach Rod Woodson has certainly not been one of Gruden’s biggest advocates this offseason.
In March, Woodson criticized the size and length of Jon Gruden’s contract, his coaching abilities, and some of the offseason moves Gruden made including getting rid of Michael Crabtree and signing Jordy Nelson and Doug Martin. and saying Derek Carr is no Aaron Rodgers. A refresher on his remarks can be found here.
Recently, however, Woodson’s stance on the team has taken a surprising turn. In a recent video from NFL Total Access, Woodson spoke confidently of Oakland.

Notably, Woodson mentions that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders sneak into the playoffs.

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