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If you were hoping for the Cincinnati Bengals to make a quality rebound against the Chicago Bears to keep their postseason pulse going this week, we can only apologize for your now-obvious disappointment.
Chicago came to Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday and thoroughly dominated Cincinnati in almost every facet of the game.
Here are the best and worst performances from the Bengals in their 33-7 loss in Week 14.
The good:
Michael Johnson: There really only seemed to be two players who showed up for the Week 14 game and they both are in the “good” category this week. Johnson has been a target of ire from fans lately, but he has found a productive niche on the interior of the line in passing situations at the end of his career.
Johnson made quite a few nice plays on a day where the defense was totally dominated.

The Colts slipped and slid their way to another loss on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills in what was one of the most interesting, if not enjoyable football games to watch that I’ve ever seen. Some of the visuals from that game are absolutely incredible to see, and it is not likely these players will forget being a part of it.
What we will have a hard time forgetting, is yet another example of an opportunity to get a win squandered. With many fans in full-blown tank mode that may be appealing. For myself, I was really hoping to see a good showing from our running backs and something resembling competitive and entertaining football. Stupid, I know.
At this point in the season, everyone knows what this team is.

There are no awards given out for losing in the NFL. The Ravens will not get a participation trophy for battling back after being down 14-0 and ultimately, blowing an 11-point lead. Baltimore went into Heinz Field and did what many did not expect them to do; put points on the board. The Ravens’ offense was not only competent, but they were dynamic.
Baltimore’s offense put up 38 points and finished with 413 total yards on offense. Alex Collins proved, again, he is a top running back this season. Javorius Allen was a great complimentary piece to Collins. Allen finished with two touchdowns. Not to mention, Danny Woodhead made an impact in the passing-game.
Despite a rough start to the game, Joe Flacco found his rhythm as the game progressed. With great protection, he was able to effectively move the ball down the field. He finished with 7.7 yards per pass attempt.

I’ve been told that Ocean’s Eleven is a remake. Some nerd named Sinatra is in the original apparently. The 2001 movie I’m familiar with stars the worst version of Batman, Jason Bourne and the “What’s in the boooox?” guy.
If you haven’t seen it, a group of con men sets out to rob a casino on the night of a major boxing match. Danny Ocean (played by former Dark Knight George Clooney) tells the owner it’s going to happen, and that he’ll walk out the front door with the money.
Sure enough, in an elaborate ruse, Ocean and all his friends walk out of the Casino in plain sight (albeit, in S.W.A.T. team costumes) with generational wealth in their duffel bags.
Also if that was spoilers, it’s 2017. The movie can legally drive. I regret nothing.

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