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The best analysis of the Marcus Peters trade I have seen so far comes from the KC Star’s Terez Paylor. His piece is here. Give it a read.
The gist is that the Chiefs, according to Terez, expected Peters to demand a ton of money. The highest paid corner in the league is currently Trumaine Johnson who is making over $16 million on the franchise tag. Terez pegs the number the Chiefs were expecting from Peters at $18 million per season. Peters has one more year left on his rookie deal plus the fifth-year option so effectively two more years under contract.
The NFL’s highest paid player at a position isn’t always the best player at that position (see Kirk Cousins in about three weeks) but in Peters’ case it would be close. I wouldn’t blink at Peters expecting to be the NFL’s highest paid corner. His play backs that up. That’s the market.

Patriots’ QB succession plan; Marcus Peters trade assessment —
3) How will the 2017 RB class impact the 2018 NFL Draft? The NFL is a copycat league, with coaches, scouts and executive known to swipe good ideas from opponents. With that in mind, I can’t wait to see how the value of running backs plays out on draft day following the recent success of Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt. All of the aforementioned members of the 2017 running back draft class had major impacts on their respective squads, but the difference in their draft slots will lead to several conversations in meeting rooms around the league.
Running back isn’t a pressing need for the Ravens, but if they see somebody they like in the mid-rounds, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. The Ravens have historically succeeded with 1,000 yard runners.

For the Dallas Cowboys, one of the hottest topics of the offseason has been what to do about wide receiver Dez Bryant. With an expected cap hit of $16.5 million this year and declining stats with a questionable performance last season, there is a full range of possible steps that have been suggested for his future. They include leaving his contract alone, restructuring it for more cap space without affecting the cash paid out to him, getting him to agree to a pay cut, and trading or releasing him outright.
In recent days, some signals have come from team executive vice president Stephen Jones, who is the primary figure in figuring out contracts and cap space for the Cowboys. They certainly have not been a hearty endorsement of Bryant. This, of course, has been widely dissected at all levels of the media.

What are the Kansas City Chiefs getting back from trading Marcus Peters?
We’re into day two of reporting on this trade and we still don’t know what the Chiefs are getting back. This feels unusual that we don’t have a hint of the draft picks involved. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport did confirm it was draft picks and not players coming back so we believe it’s draft picks only but … which draft picks?
Some fans think the Chiefs are getting the Rams first round pick back. For a player like Peters, you expect a big return. Hoping for that first rounder is reasonable for fans. I would be disappointed if the Rams 23rd overall pick wasn’t included (there are indications it isn’t but, as we know, nothing is official yet so who knows).
I’m not sure what to make of the delay in finding out the details.

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