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There’s a lot of tradition with a franchise as rich and as experienced as the Dallas Cowboys.
There are reasons things are done, a way of doing those things, and an expectation of results for those things and reasons.
One of the more longstanding traditions is one people take a bit of issue with, it’s part of the Cowboys uniform. Dallas wears their traditional white jerseys more often than any NFL team wears any other, and when they go white on top they go silver on bottom… kind of.
Back in the days before HD television, the Cowboys did wear silver pants, at least that’s what people saw. There’s an explanation.

Years ago, what you saw on television and in photos was far off from what the Cowboys were actually wearing. That’s part of the reason so many people now notice how green the Cowboys’ pants really are.

Jarvis Landry, another new Cleveland Browns addition, was named to the NFL’s Top 100 list, coming in at No. 52. Landry finished at No. 42 on the list following the 2016-17 season. The rankings list is populated following voting by the league’s players. Unsurprisingly, no players on the 2017-18 Browns have yet been named to the list, although Joe Thomas’ name will undoubtedly be revealed before too long.
The case for Landry is pretty simple, and is the reason why general manager John Dorsey traded for and then signed him to a big extension this offseason. Landry catches the ball, really, really well, and then he makes plays with his feet.
Don’t believe me? Listen to Bill Belichick’s attempts to keep him contained in the NFL Network video detailing Landry’s selection to the list.

There has been a lot of talk about the Indianapolis Colts’ additions of Quenton Nelson, Braden Smith, Matt Slauson and Austin Howard being a major boost for the likes of Andrew Luck’s health.
While that is entirely true, what isn’t being talked about enough is the potential of the run game as a result of this newly fortified offensive front.
That is mostly because of the relative inexperience of the stable of running backs that have been collected by the Colts this offseason, causing a relative uneasiness amongst NFL analysts when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts’ rushing attack.
Rookie draft picks Jordan Wilkins and Nyheim Hines have never played a snap in the NFL and are in line to be major contributors to the ground game in Indianapolis.

The Bengals have acquired quite a bit of young talent over the past couple of seasons, including some highly talented players who have yet to hit their prime. In most cases 25-years-old is the age players hit their prime, so why not see who the best players are on the roster who have yet to hit that mark.
A couple disclaimers first. All of these players are under 25 meaning a guy like William Jackson who turned 25 in April doesn’t qualify. I also attempted to keep rookies off the list, but I had to stick one in there. I didn’t want fresh draft eyes to take over the list.

10) Billy Price, center

The only rookie I felt I could rightfully put on the list is the Bengals’ first round pick. We haven’t seen Price yet on an NFL field, but he is going to stroll right into that starting center role that was vacated by Russell Bodine.

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