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Traditional strength of schedule calculations usually add up the previous year’s record of a team’s 16 opponents to get a cumulative win percentage for all 16 opponents. That exercise can also be done mid-season using the current year’s record to get a feel for the remaining strength of schedule (SOS) each team faces – which we did earlier this week when we published the mid-season strength of schedule for 2017 here on BTB.
In that mid-season SOS review, we saw that the Cowboys’ 11 remaining opponents (counting division opponents twice) have a 32-30 W/L record so far this season, which translates to a SOS of .516 and gives the Cowboys the 13th “toughest” schedule of all NFL teams.
Another way to look at remaining SOS is to use the Vegas Super Bowl odds as a proxy for team strength.

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 7.
CBS Sports – No. 32 (no change)
The move to Kevin Hogan didn’t pay off at all. They need to just play DeShone Kizer the rest of the way.
ESPN – No. 32 (no change)
The Browns are an FPI underdog in each of their remaining 10 games, but they do play three of the next four at home. An 0-16 season seemed possible last year, and if they can’t get through this current stretch without a win, it might be possible this year. – No. 32 (no change)
Really thought that by Week 7, the Browns would be out of the No. 32 spot. Which, in their case, has become a 32-hole. Or maybe Cleveland has season tickets to being the worst team in the league.

I’ve tried to keep a professional mentality when approaching the glaringly obvious coaching problem going on with this Colts team.
“Firing coaches does not lead to continuity within the franchise.”
There are several examples of successful professional sports franchises that are known for keeping their staff around for years and that staff also achieving some modicum of success.I’ve held back from saying “just fire Pagano” because I didn’t think it was the right answer. The problems have been much more personnel related. Afterall, Colts fans should be fully aware that the team has been dealing with a lot of injuries. I figured that over time, the franchise would self-correct and back to our winnings ways we’d go.
At the beginning of the season, I found out that 26 of the 53 people on the roster this year are new players.

The Cincinnati Bengals hit the practice field Wednesday as they prepare for a pivotal matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Rookie receiver John Ross was once again able to practice, as he looks to make his return just in time for this critical AFC North clash.

John Ross (knee) practicing again, and Adam Jones (back) & Derron Smith (ankle) have returned for the #Bengals today.— Jim Owczarski (@JimOwczarski) October 18, 2017

Ross returned to practice on Monday, but that was an extra session the Bengals got because they’re coming off their bye week. That meant there was no participation report for Ross, who needs to get some full sessions in this week to be active on Sunday.
Starting cornerback Adam Jones was also practicing Wednesday.

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