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“Fire Pagano & Company. Season’s over. Luck’s finished.”
Are these things you’ve said this year or in year’s past?
If so, you’re right.
I know you need to be told that you’re right.
I suppose that’s precisely why that won’t be what happens.
As of right now, it appears that the NFL is falling apart as the Colts keep getting healthier and healthier every week. This does not bode well for those members of this fan base that keep clamoring “fire everyone” after every miserable outing.
Tonight’s game is for the division lead, and with injuries to key players within the AFC South (Jacksonville RB Leonard Fournette, Houston DE J.J. Watt and Tennessee QB Marcus Mariota), the division is wide open and all the Colts have to do is the same thing they need to do most every other week.

It was a long five weeks for the Cincinnati Bengals, and maybe a bye is what they needed. The team started 0-3, and all the talk was about how little of a chance the Bengals had at the postseason. The team then won two games, and they remain in the hunt for the division title with a game against the Steelers this week.
Before we get to that, let’s hand out some awards for the Bengals so far during this season. Let’s take a look at what offensive player has been the MVP for this team so far, as well as an honorable mention.
Honorable Mention
Andy Dalton: Dalton had a rough start to the season. He turned the ball over five times against the Ravens, and then he struggled against the ailing Texans. The Bengals failed to score a single touchdown these two weeks, and it led to the firing of the team’s offensive coordinator Ken Zampese.

At the 6:39 mark in the second quarter against the Redskins the 49ers chose to bench Brian Hoyer. In his place, CJ Beathard. After five weeks of poor performance from the former starting quarterback, Hoyer went out and threw for...

Cleveland is really bad. They are the worst team in football again this year. I can’t wait to see how many draft picks they end up with next year after they trade down a hundred more times. That being said, Pro Football Focus has grades for how the Texans performed in that dismantling of Cleveland.
First, the Texans’ offense.

—Deshaun Watson as ok against Cleveland as he continues to tear apart the league with no pressure. On his 17 drop-backs with no pressure, Watson completed 13-of-17 passes for 133 yards and two TDs. When under pressure on his 14 drop-backs, Watson completed just 4-of-12 passes for 92 yards with one TD, one INT (which was returned for a TD) and one sack. Watson wasn’t great pushing the ball downfield as he completed only 4-of-9 passes for 71 yards with two TDs and one INT on passes that traveled more than 10 yards down the field.

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