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If you are in the market for a trade this early on, you are probably in desperation mode. Do not let panic derail your season with a hasty trade. However, do consider whether or not to take a chance...

Ebron got into a small spat with Collins during the game, and although the hit angered Ebron, he told Collins it was a good hit.
However, Collins recently got word of the “little punk” comment and fired back at Ebron on Twitter:

Speaking of Ebron, it turns out the man can block:

Tate on Glasgow in the ping pong celebration: “We’re gonna try & involve him next time… Poor Graham. He just wants to be included.

Bovada releases updated Super Bowl odds every once in a while and lately the Oakland Raiders have regularly been ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs. I know these are Super Bowl odds that don’t matter and it shouldn’t bother me.
The Chiefs are one of the three AFC West teams with the best Super Bowl odds in the AFC. The Patriots are at the top followed by the Steelers and then the Raiders. The Chiefs are further down the list but still ahead of the Broncos.
Yeah, it kinda bugs me that the NFL world like the Raiders so much. I think it’s gone a little over the top. The Chiefs have the better coach and the better defense than the Raiders. The Raiders quarterback is better and probably their offense too (although the Chiefs offense has come out on fire). The Chiefs defense, however, is so much better than Oakland, who is more one dimensional.

It was clear last season that the league was well aware of how good the Raiders offensive line was. They had three Pro Bowlers and an All Pro and were held up as one of the best in football. Though the Cowboys line seemed to widely be considered as superior. That may not be the case anymore.
We’re just two games in, so obviously it’s a bit early to make any proclamations, but they’ve been off to an elite start, and have shown signs they could be even better than they were before.
Last season, Derek Carr was sacked 18 times, which was the fewest in the league. Eight of those sacks were charged to the offensive line, with the interior of Kelechi Osemele, Rodney Hudson, and Gabe Jackson giving up none. The one sack was given up by Donald Penn and it happened to be the one that resulted in Derek Carr’s broken fibula..

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