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As if you needed any reminder that the Bengals – Steelers rivalry has gotten out of hand, another shot has been taken.
When the two AFC North rivals faced off in Week 13, a host of players went down with significant injuries, including Bengals running back Joe Mixon. The rookie running back suffered a concussion late in the second quarter, which forced him to miss the rest of the game, as well as the Week 14 loss to the Bears.
Concussions are a very sensitive subject in all sports, but don’t tell that to Vince Williams. The Steelers’ starting linebacker actually made fun of Mixon’s concussion on Twitter, then joked that Le’Veon Bell (a.k.a. Juice) would have dodged the hit:

Juice would have been able to dodge that hit too….

How much is a win over a 2-11 team worth?
About one spot in the power rankings, if you go by the 11 power rankings we’ve assembled below. The Cowboys move up from an average of 14.6 last week to an average of 13.5 this week.
But power rankings don’t get you to the playoffs, so we’ll continue to watch the Cowboys trying to win five games in a row. Two down, three to go.
For now, this week’s power rankings for your enjoyment. – No. 12 (LW:14)

Well, that was one slick fourth-quarter from the Cowboys. A few more quick thoughts:
A) Get Cole Beasley more involved.
B) Jason Witten holds, doesn’t get thrown the ball, then delivers the clutch play of the game.
C) Sean Lee is freaking incredible.

Facing the 30th ranked defense without it’s best cover corner and the Raiders still managed to look inept and incapable of scoring once again. Derek Carr looked like he had never seen a pass rush before and made horrendous decisions with the ball. The result was yet another loss for the Oakland Raiders who are now 6-7 and facing a lost season.

Garbage performance of the week? So many analysts thought the Raiders would not only win their game against the Chiefs but make a playoff run. That includes @MJD, who was all over me on “The Power Rankings Show” about how Oakland would be the AFC West champs when it was all said and done. (As I am typing this blurb, that commercial is playing where the guy with a Raiders sweater sits at dinner with his slightly — OK, much more than slightly — more attractive partner and her family of Chiefs fans.

The Baltimore Ravens currently have a 81-percent chance to make the NFL playoffs, according to 538’s projection model. The three remaining games on their regular season schedule – at Cleveland, vs Indianapolis and vs Cincinnati – provide a great opportunity to win out. These three upcoming opponents have combined to post an 8-31 record this season.
If the Ravens do win all three, they would finish with a 10-6 record, virtually guaranteeing a postseason bid. Nevertheless, the NFL proves every weekend that unexpected upsets do occur. And Baltimore has been an unpredictable team for much of the year.
Which remaining game poses the Ravens with their toughest challenge?
Week 15 at Cleveland
Although the Ravens are favored by a touchdown against the winless Browns, this contest could be their most difficult.

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