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Contrary to popular belief in the Bay Area, not everyone has shown unmitigated excitement for the Oakland Raiders’ hiring of Jon Gruden. Former Raiders defensive back and coach Rod Woodson has certainly not been one of Gruden’s biggest advocates this offseason.
In March, Woodson criticized the size and length of Jon Gruden’s contract, his coaching abilities, and some of the offseason moves Gruden made including getting rid of Michael Crabtree and signing Jordy Nelson and Doug Martin. and saying Derek Carr is no Aaron Rodgers. A refresher on his remarks can be found here.
Recently, however, Woodson’s stance on the team has taken a surprising turn. In a recent video from NFL Total Access, Woodson spoke confidently of Oakland.

Notably, Woodson mentions that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders sneak into the playoffs.

Earlier this week our own Danny Phantom posed a question here at BTB – was Tavon Austin or Jihad Ward the better trade for the Cowboys this offseason?
It’s hard to know the answer to that in June, quite frankly it’ll be hard to know even in November, but speculating is always fun. Both Austin and Ward seem to be promising veterans that are going to come in and find ways to contribute. That’s all you can really ask.
Austin is a bit of an enigma in some respects. We’ve talked about things as rudimentary as his position (because there’s been legitimate cause to) and where he’ll line up and how he’ll be used, but regardless of all of this one thing is certain, Tavon Austin is still very fast.

The 1972 Cleveland Browns were a very good football team. They lost to the Miami Dolphins in the playoffs, at the time the 14-0-0 Dolphins, by a score of 20-14. But they should have won the game. They had Miami, but let the game slip away.
This season marked a nine-year span in which Cleveland made the playoffs seven years.
The year began by going 0-5 in the preseason. With a 26-10 opening day loss to the Green Bay Packers, all the work, hopes and dreams created in training camp for head coach Nick Skorich appeared to be for naught. But they went 2-2 in the next four games with victories over the Philadelphia Eagles and division rival Cincinnati Bengals in order to develop a more fruitful 2-3-0 record.

Showdown with the Emerging Steelers

Next up was a tear as the Browns ripped off four wins.

S.N.O.T. (6/16/2018)

I’m exhausted. I’m dried and dried. I’m going to lay in the sun and bake like some beans and read a book about some Australian child understanding his immediate reality and his father who tries to provide by gambling on galloping quadrupeds. I don’t know if it’s the heat, or the nostalgia of laying the in the air conditioner, not doing anything, or what, but today, and for now, all I got is nothing.
Anyways, that’s all I got, and I’m sure you have a lot more. Have fun doing whatever it is that you do. The rest is yours to talk about whatever you want, Texans-related or not. Just remember the standard commenting rules apply.

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