Yes, we are aware of the situation involving Isaac Haas. No, we are not ignoring it. As the story was breaking our higher ups at SB Nation advised us to not write on it, so we didn’t write about it. I was traveling home from Miami and was on a plane as the information was coming out, so I could do nothing. I shared SB Nation’s email with the rest of the staff and they, too, deferred.
I did write a small post yesterday to address it and sent it up the chain for approval (something they asked us to do) and was told to let it be. Since there are posts accusing the staff and I of avoiding the story or covering it up, I am going to share exactly what SB Nation advised we say:
we are aware of the allegations, we don’t really have anything to add and don’t think this website is a productive place to talk about it.
It really is as simple as that.


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