Darrelle Revis won’t be switching his position from cornerback to safety…yet. Yesterday Revis sparked a small media firestorm when after practice he brought up the possibility of him switching to safety in the future. In an interview with Boomer Esiason and Chris Carton of WFAN, he said that he can still play corner at “a high level,” but then continued: “There’s probably a conversation in the future regarding me moving my position, maybe to safety or doing some other things.”

This was the second time since the start of training camp that he has discussed a potential position change. In an interview with ESPN Radio New York, he was asked about potentially moving to safety and he responded, “It’s something I’d want to gravitate to. It’s definitely a conversation.”

Now for all intents and purposes Revis was not talking about this season, and probably isn’t even referring to the next couple of seasons. This was something that was reinforced by Todd Bowles when he spoke with media after practice: “I see him playing corner right now. I don’t see a future, right now I just see the present.” Bowles was pushed further on the subject and when asked what it takes for a corner to make the move to safety, and the attributes he listed do seem to fit Revis’s characteristics.

“Longevity for one, you have to be able to tackle and it all depends on how well you read and communicate. Everybody is different, some can do it. Some can’t.” First off Revis most definitely knows how to tackle, throughout his career he has been one of the most sure handed tackling corners in the league. It would however, be interesting to see how Revis would adjust to the much higher level of communication needed from the safety position. Given his studious nature, one would be inclined to believe that the increase in communication wouldn’t be a problem for him.

This wouldn’t be the first time that an All-Pro corner switched to safety late in their career. If Revis does end up making the move, he would be joining the Woodson’s, both Rod and Charles who switched to safety after having hall of fame worthy careers at cornerback. Rod Woodson is already in the Hall, and Charles is sure to be a first ballot hall of famer after retiring at the end of last season. There is no telling whether Revis could make the switch as well as the Woodson’s did, but it is definitely an interesting idea that could prolong his career.

As intriguing as this potential move may be, it isn’t worth pondering about because Revis is set to stay at cornerback for the near future. If his play at corner continues to slip as we near the end of his contract with the Jets, then it would be something worth discussing. However, until that happens (if it ever does), Darrelle Revis is going to continue lining up at cornerback for Gang Green.