Quarterback Nick Foles is returning to the team that originally drafted him in the 2012 NFL Draft. There are plenty of reasons why this signing is crucial to the development of the team. Here are our reasons why Eagles fans from all over should love the return of the Arizona product:

#1  Awareness of Role

Nick Foles is aware that he is the backup for Carson Wentz. In his press conference, he stated that he will do everything in his power to help Wentz grow as a leader and to be the quarterback of the Eagles for the future.

#2 Familiar with Doug Pederson

Head coach Doug Pederson was the quarterback coach for the Eagles before heading over to Kansas City. He became a huge part why Foles was drafted by the Eagles in the first place.

#3 Experience

Foles is no stranger to being a starter in the league. He has started in 36 out of the 42 games he has played in. Already being on three different teams (Eagles formerly, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs), Foles has seen a lot of different defensive schemes throughout his 5th season in the NFL.

#4 Fan Favorite (for the most part)

Foles had the best year of his career in his second year as an Eagle. He made a huge impression by throwing 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions that year. Foles also earned a Pro Bowl trip that caught many Eagles fans’ attention.

#5 Same Frame

When comparing heights, Wentz and Foles practically measure out the same. This is great because then both quarterbacks are able to learn from the same perspective, literally.

#6 27-2

It may seem silly, but numbers are numbers. Foles has proven that when things were layed out perfectly for him, he can execute. Hopefully, it never comes to this point, but if Wentz were to go down or sit out for a period, fans can rest a little easier knowing they have a quarterback who can execute a game plan.

#7 Reciprocal Love

Foles said that he has always had love for the fans in Philadelphia. Even the boos. Knowing that there is a quarterback on your team that has the same love for a city is very important to the relationship he has with a fan base.

#8 The Only Blast from the Past

Many fans expected either DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy or Jeremy Maclin to make a homecoming trip this free agency, but that never happened. Foles will probably the only remembrance Eagles fans will have a player who was on the team the last time the Eagles made it to the playoffs.

#9 Just Look at the Number

Foles is able to acquire the same number that he originally had when he was first with the Eagles. This will definitely help those who still have his jersey in a closet somewhere.