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Kaepernick Impresses in Losing Effort

Photo Credit:: Tony Avelar / Associated Press

It's hard to find too many silver linings about the 49ers after an embarrassing 41-23 loss at home to the Saints. The defense was gashed constantly by the high-powered New Orleans offense as they became the first team to allow seven straight 100-yard rushers in NFL history. The team turned the ball over four times and failed to get a takeaway. However, something happened that 49ers fans hadn't seen in years; Colin Kaepernick looked like a viable quarterback option.

It was only a few weeks ago when Kaepernick found himself as the backup quarterback to Blaine Gabbert. It was only a few months ago when many considered his career to be dead. This is a lot to take in on the roller coaster that is the signal caller's career as many considered him to be one of the faces of what the quarterback position was going to look like for the next generation. 

His 102.3 passer rating and 398 yards in week nine against the Saints are some of his best statistics he's put up during his career. He has shown what he can do when he's healthy and is given a chance in an offense that many believe fits him perfectly and he did it with minimal threats in the receiving game. He was able to show that he can still compete at the highest level in what really is his audition season for other teams. 

This season is a lost one for the 49ers, as the team is currently worse than they were last year in regards to overall record. But it is refreshing to see Kaepernick playing like he did when he was impressing fans across the league with his high potential and gifted abilities. Hopefully he'll show more of this as the season comes to a close.

Mitchell Blahut is an NFC West writer for the San Francisco 49ers. You can follow him on Twitter @mablahut21.

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