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Vrabel Is Not The Next LA Rams Head Coach

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The Rams are interviewing everyone, so why not throw Mike Vrabel's hat in the ring?


The NFL is a whacky place.

It’s a place where really anything can happen. It’s a place that stresses the importance of stopping domestic violence abuse, while domestic abusers play after serving their strict 1-2 game suspensions.

It’s also the kind of place where their No. 2 market team, the Los Angeles Rams, desperate for their first winning season since 2003, can interview a position coach for their head coaching vacancy.

Albert Breer reported on Monday morning that Mike Vrabel, the old New England Patriots linebacker and current position coach with the Houston Texans, would be interviewing for the head coaching position in LA.

Does this mean their is hope for Mike Vrabel becoming the next man in charge of the Rams?

For whatever reason, the power at be in Los Angeles decided to include first-time position coach Mike Vrabel to be among on the numerous candidates to be interviewed for the team’s next head coach. Vrabel was 14-year veteran in the NFL and is considered to be one of the smarter football minds among position coaches.

He was made the Houston Texans linebackers coach in 2014.

Will he become a head coach in his career?


According to Yahoo! Sports, he is credited with developing the raw talents of Jadaveon Clowney and Bendarick McKinney, which is a great exhibit of his ability to grow the talents of young players. The Houston Texans valued his work so much, that they gave Vrabel a huge pay raise to keep him in Houston, after he was offered a defensive coordinator position in San Francisco.

Will he be a head coach now? Absolutely not.

The Rams are interviewing a lot of people for the position in both the professional and collegiate ranks. So, it’s not a jaw-dropping surprise that Vrabel made the cut as he is a very intelligent football mind, specifically on the defensive side of the ball.

Had it been any other position coach, this news would come as more of a shock. Regardless of Vrabel’s football IQ and early coaching skills, the Rams will not be making the next head coach of their football team.

Although, they let extended Jeff Fisher’s contract after five years without a winning season, so who knows?

Tim Godfrey is a Featured Analyst who covers the Los Angeles Rams for Pro Football Spot. Follow him on Twitter @MrTimGodfrey!

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Possible defensive coordinator candidate for Miami if Vance Joseph gets offered the Broncos h.c. job. He's already told Elway he'll take it...if it's offered to him instead of Kyle Shanahan. 

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