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Rams Get Win Over Seahawks In Defensive Battle

Photo Credit:: Jae Hong/Associated Press

The Los Angeles Rams recorded their first win of the season.

What better atmosphere to do so in Los Angeles against a division foe, the Seattle Seahawks? 

Despite all the fanfare and pageantry following the win, the Rams won this game on field goals alone. They have now gone two games, eight quarters, without scoring a touchdown, brining some concern around the offense on this victory. 

The offense didn't score, but looked much better compared to their Week One matchup more than a week ago. Case Keenum led the Rams to a trio of red-zone trips and threw for 239 yards while completing 60 percent of his passes. Keenum's receivers also had great games, especially Kenny Britt and Lance Kendricks. 

Britt was the MVP of the offense as he caught six passes for 94 yards. Throughout the game, Britt came up open in space when the Rams offense needed it and made some spectacular catches in the process. One throw had Britt make the catch and hold a tight-rope stance near the sideline to get two feet in and make the completion. 

Kendricks himself had some highlight-reel catches, including a rainbow throw over-the-shoulder. He finished the day with 61 yards on four catches. 

The passing game had a day, but the running game still struggled. Todd Gurley, who failed to get more than 50 yards last week, ran for 51 yards and averaged just under three yards-per-carry. 

But the MVP of the entire game was the Rams defense. 

Despite their pass-defense giving up huge chunks of yards to Russell Wilson and his receivers, the Rams defense came out in full force and continued their good streak against the Seahawks. Wilson was brought down twice and hit nine times four different Rams defensive linemen, Aaron Donald being the most frequent hitter. 

The Rams kept the Seahawks No. 1 running back to 60 yards and the mobile quarterback to 14, which is a complete 180 from the week prior, when Blaine Gabbert and the 49ers running-game ran all over the Rams. 

Seattle's defense did their fair share of damage as well, sacking Keenum three times. 

The battle of the defenses lasted all Sunday afternoon, with both teams stepping up their red-zone defense and limiting their opponent to field goals. The Rams, while scoring nine points on three different trips, seemed to struggle the most in the red-zone. At one point, they were on the Seahawks 4-yard line, and were driven backwards, settling for the field goal. 

But the Rams did enough to seal the win in front of their 91,046 fans on the first home game in Los Angeles in 20 years. 

Tim Godfrey is a Featured Analyst who covers the Los Angeles Rams for Pro Football Spot. Follow him on Twitter @MrTimGodfrey

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