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A Roommate Could be Dangerous for Rams

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The Los Angeles Rams are now in a dangerous position. 

It's looking more and more like they will be sharing their LA gains with the now-San Diego Chargers, which means winning is more important than ever. 

The Rams don't want to become the New York Jets of the west, but with 14 consecutive non-winning seasons, it's looking more and more like that could be the case.

The Rams are bad. They are really bad.

Even the Cleveland Browns have put together a winning season over the Rams' current run. The Detroit Lions finished 0-16 during the run. Surprisingly, the Rams have a worse record than both of those teams over the stretch.

It's surprising because the Rams are rarely thrown into that class of teams, but they deserve very much to be there with them. 

The Chargers won't need to do much to take over the LA scene. The Rams are terrible. They treat their legends, like Eric Dickerson, poorly and they've done nothing to endear themselves to the LA fans.

In short, this team has been a complete failure for LA in its first season.

A big part of the reason, and one that could possibly hang around to impact the Rams’ long-term fortunes in LA, is head coach Jeff Fisher.

With his “I know everything, don’t worry” approach, he’s isolated the LA fans, who want nothing more than a contending team. He’s shunned legends and done nothing to endear himself to the LA scene.

He’s a USC guy and it’s almost like he just assumes the fans will back the team no matter what. The excuse of this being a season like no team has had to deal with is getting old.

Here’s what we all need to keep in mind with Fisher and the Rams’ future: Fisher has been a disaster for the Rams in his four-plus years with the team. His overall record is 31-44-1, he has never posted a winning season with the team and has a winning percentage of .430. Ouch!

He is ensuring the Rams will lose LA with his brash cockiness and job security, which is rarely seen in the NFL.

Look, this is a city where it took a monumental collapse and a legend retiring just for people to realize there was another basketball team in it. Besides Wayne Gretzky playing for the Kings, most people in LA didn’t know the Kings were a team until 2012 when they won the Stanley Cup.

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but the point is true. LA doesn’t wait around for a team to find itself, it expects results. And the white-hot lights are getting bright in America’s second largest city.

The Rams are 4-9, which locks them into their 14th consecutive non-winning season, and it doesn’t look like it will get any better this season.

Rookie quarterback Jared Goff has been good in just two of 16 quarters played, the team is currently on its second three-game losing streak, Fisher is fighting with legends and the Rams are on the brink of sharing their LA riches with the NFL’s version of your slacker friend looking for a warm basement to call home while he gets his act together.

Yes, that’s who could possibly dethrone the Rams if things keep progressing down this bumpy path.

It’s been a tough year with the move, but that shouldn’t wipe away four previous years of failure. The Rams made a mistake. If they continue to act like it wasn’t, there won’t be fans around to even give a hoot.

The Rams are something old and new at the same time. They are in a very good position to recapture old fans and create news ones. Now, it’s just time to start making the right moves to keep new fans engaged and old fans happy.

The fight for LA supremacy is about to start.


Brett Crossley is a Los Angeles Rams writer for Pro Football Spot. For comments, contact him at or give him a follow on Twitter @BrettCrossley44.

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