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Pre-Game Flashback: Redskins Week 6 Win Over the Eagles

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The Washington Redskins are getting ready to take on the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. This will be the second time this season that the Redskins and the Eagles will play each other and this will be the 163rd time playing against each other.

The Redskins are currently leading in their series history between the two division rivalry teams. The last time the two teams met and played each other was earlier this season and the Redskins won the game. The Redskins played a great game, similar to the other games during their four game winning streak over the Eagles.

The last time the Redskins played the Eagles they beat them 27-20. The Redskins scored the first touchdown of the game and had the only points during the first quarter. The Redskins scored another touchdown in the beginning of the second quarter and the Eagles also scored a touchdown and made their extra point kick.

With back to back touchdowns from the eagles they were able to tie the game during the second quarter. The redskins came back with a touchdown and good extra kick to put them right back in the lead 21-14. Scoring slowed down a bit for both teams during the third quarter, with the Redskins being the only team to put any points on the board with a field goal.

The Eagles were able to make a field goal and give them more points but the Redskins did the same thing on their next drive so they kept the lead 27-20. The Eagles tried to score another touchdown but instead fell short and went for a field goal. The Redskins kept the lead throughout the whole entire game to secure their four game winning streak.

Both teams currently have a losing streak that they are trying to break so a win for the Redskins will break their two game losing streak. The Eagles are currently last in the division and this win for the Redskins will surely keep them there.

Ashli Brown is a writer for the NFC East and the Washington Redskins. Follow her on Twitter at @Loveli_Ashli

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