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Philadelphia Eagles Week 13 Recap vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Photo Credit:: USA Today

Every week here at Pro Football Spot we revisit what took place during each of the Eagles’ regular season games.

The Philadelphia Eagles were beaten by the Cincinnati Bengals 32-14 sunday night.  A defeated Eagles team whose playoff run is cutting itself slim, showed signs of giving up on the season. The Eagles would need a miracle to get themselves into the wildcard race.  


Bengals offensive line denied Eagles pressure: For the second straight week, the Eagles defense did not record a sack. Jim Schwartz has only called blitz plays 20 percent of the time the defense is on the field. The Eagles are quickly losing their value in players such as Connor Barwin and Vinny Curry who signed big contracts. Fletcher Cox hasn’t recorded a sack in eight consecutive games, but to his credit he has been drawing a bunch of double teams.  

A forceful rookie: Wentz’s true “rookie” game came out against the Bengals. Not a lot was his fault (bad protection, Jordan Matthews sat out, etc.) but it was the first time Wentz has thrown three interceptions in the game and it likely could have been more. When Wentz has had to force throws because of the lack of receiver core talent, then he starts to regress.

Third-down conversion(s): Defensively, the Eagles have been dreadful in stopping third-down conversions or big plays. Andy Dalton was able to complete 10 out of 12 third down passing conversions. This has killed the defense even more and has kept them on the field for most of the game.


Statistics of the Game: Carson Wentz threw a career high 60 passing attempts while the Eagles defense allowed 10 out of 12 third down conversions to be completed.

Player on the Rise: TE Zach Ertz


Stay tuned for next week’s installment of articles for the Eagles Week 14 regular season game against the Washington Redskins

Brendan Walker is an NFL Analyst and Editor for Pro Football Spot. You can follow Brendan on Twitter at @BWalkerASU­­

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