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Philadelphia Eagles Week 10 Recap vs. Atlanta Falcons

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Every week here at Pro Football Spot we revisit what took place during each of the Eagles’ regular season games.

The Philadelphia Eagles and their dominant run game crushed the Atlanta Falcons 24-15 on Sunday.  Digging themselves out of a whole and coming off of a divisional loss to the New York Giants, the Eagles got back on track outplaying the No. 1 scoring offense in the league.


Home games give the edge: The Eagles’ biggest ally this season has been playing at home. They are 4-0 when playing at Lincoln Financial Field compared to 1-4 when playing on the road. There’s just something about playing in front of a home crowd that has given the Eagles a huge advantage this season so far.  

Jalen Mills stepping up: After Nolan Carroll went down with an injury mid-game, rookie Jalen Mils came in and was manned up against Julio Jones for the majority of the rest of the game. Mills has had several challenges thrown at him throughout the season and with that has accumulated key reps and experience by playing against talented receivers in the NFL.

Running game determines game: The Eagles offensive line paved their way through the Falcons defense and created huge running lanes for Ryan Mathews all game. The offensive line clearly dominated in the trenches and once they established momentum, there was no stopping the Eagles from winning the game.


Statistics of the Game: The Eagles defense let up only 2/11 3rd down conversions from the Falcons and held the Falcons running game to under 50 total yards.

Player on the Rise: RB Ryan Mathews


Stay tuned for next week’s installment of articles for the Eagles Week 11 regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks.  

Brendan Walker is an NFL Analyst and Editor for Pro Football Spot. You can follow Brendan on Twitter at @BWalkerASU­­

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