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Eagles Drafted Rookie Recap: Jalen Mills

Photo Credit:: USA Today

Preseason Stats: 6 tackles

Regular Season Stats: 61 tackles, 7 passes defended



The Philadelphia Eagles selected cornerback Jalen Mills in the 7th round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Mills played in every game of the season and was made a starter for two of them.

An Eagles defense that has never been known to have a great secondary had Mills working every snap. Playing every game, Mills acquired knowledge purely based only the quantity of playing time that he was given. As a rookie, Mills showed glimpses of being able to be a starting cornerback for Philadelphia. He was beat several times throughout the season, but also played excellent coverage at other times.  

With one season under his belt, Mills will progress into an eventual starter and will most likely play as an outside cornerback rather than slot where he played a significant amount. Mills also has the size and structure to pair up against opposing wide receivers. For a seventh round-pick, he has tremendous upside for his value for the 2017 season.

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1 hour ago, Frank Scaduto said:

Is he valuable on special teams?

Not mainly, his tackling is one of his areas of improvement. Can press and cut on a dime. Just needs more awareness and that will come with experience. 

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