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#TitanTalk Week 9: Predicting Titans @ Chargers

Photo Credit:: Donn Jones, AP

The Tennessee Titans (4-4) are back at .500 and head to San Diego to take on the Chargers (3-5), whose offense is coordinated by former Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt. Our predictors take a stab at whether the Titans will beat down the Whiz:

Stoney Keeley, @StoneyKeeley (5-3):

I'm not counting the 20-17 game in 2013 as the Titans breaking the "Chargers Curse." This team has been beaten up far too much, especially in San Diego, by the Chargers for me to feel comfortable in thinking the football gods may be merciful towards the Titans on Sunday. The Chargers are much, much better than their record would suggest, and specifically, the defense is improving weekly. Can this underrated Titans offensive line stave off the young buck Joey Bosa? Can Dick LeBeau's defense get to Philip Rivers? Can it contain Gordon? I don't know. Plus, if the Titans have shown us anything this season, it's that just when you think they're about to take the next step in progressing towards a winning franchise, they fall flat. I'm going with Gordon & Rivers in this spot. San Diego Chargers - 35, Tennessee Titans - 28

Lucas Davis, @LDsportswriter (4-4):

Tennessee is sitting at 4-4 midway through the season — a clear improvement from last year. To move above .500, the Titans have to travel and defeat a team which has given them plenty of issues in recent memory — the San Diego Chargers. Quarterback Philip Rivers seems to have the Titans' number, but this is a different team, and an improved defense than in recent years. Fortunately for the two-tone blue, Marcus Mariota has been really good as of late, and he will continue building a strong report with wide receiver Kendall Wright as the Titans beat the Chargers. Tennessee Titans - 24, San Diego Chargers - 20

Kenneth Goit, @KennethGoit (3-5):

I think this one will be a heartbreaker for the Titans. San Diego just always has their number, and the Chargers have the advantage of Whisenhunt knowing the Titans so well. It would work vice versa if the Titans weren't having to face Whisenhunt with a very good quarterback, which Philip Rivers is. I see Mariota making the same mistakes he has this season, not throwing entirely accurate passes and making some very poor decisions, but Rivers and co. will take advantage in a close one that the Titans will probably lead at halftime. San Diego Chargers - 27, Tennessee Titans - 20

Who do you agree with the most? Tell us in the comments section and tweet at us at @spot_titans!

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