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Eric Dickerson: The Rams Are So Boring

Tim Godfrey
Former Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson said last Sunday's win was "hard to watch" and that the team was "boring." | Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

The Los Angeles Rams narrowly beat the New York Jets by a score of 9-6, and to some, the game may have been described as a relief, or typical, depending on how long a person has been watching this team. 

Former Rams great and Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson described the game, and the team, as boring. 

"It's a win. But as a Rams' fan, it's hard for me to watch," Dickerson said 570 LASports Executive Producer Jason Stewart. "They are so boring." 

Boring may be putting it lightly. 

The Rams are boring, and downright awful. They are the only team to win a football game this season without scoring a touchdown. They are so bad, or good at being mediocre, that they achieved that feat twice. The other win came in their LA homecoming game against the Seattle Seahawks in Week Two, again, by scoring nine points. 

Stewart also tweeted that Dickerson apparently did not take the team seriously when they offered him a Personal Seat License (PSL) for $15,000 and the right to purchase season tickets. 



There is no punchline when it comes to the Los Angeles Rams; there is only depression and an endless cycle of average. 

For instance, examine the quote from head coach Jeff Fisher, captured by ESPN's Alden Gonzalez during Fisher's press conference on Monday. 

"We're 2-1 even though we haven't scored a touchdown, so I don't know why you guys are making such a big deal about touchdowns," Fisher said. 

That's just one of several quotes and actions Fisher has produced that telegraphs his ignorance or inability to be the head coach of a successful football team. Notice that said "successful" football team, because I do believe Fisher can be a capable head coach, depending on what level of capableness you expect from him. 

If you want Fisher and his staff to take your team from the basement of the league and go up a few steps, then he is the man for the job. But to take the franchise to another level? That's where his experience runs out.

Fisher did the Rams a huge favor by turning them into a football team that can routinely win seven games-a-season, because it was much better than the 1-or-2 wins the team could barely churn out before his arrival. 

Does the blame all fall on Fisher for the Rams "boring" level of football? No, not all of it. 

If Dickerson would like to file a complaint about how the team is playing, he should say something to team owner Stan Kroenke the next time they are both on the sidelines. That's if Kroenke makes it back there. Unless the Rams start winning consecutive games in convincing fashion, and no one on the national media stage is outright saying the team is awful (they are), then Kroenke probably won't be seen too much around the coliseum. 

Tim Godfrey is a Featured Analyst who covers the Los Angeles Rams for Pro Football Spot. Follow him on Twitter @MrTimGodfrey!

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