Detroit Lions 2015 Team MVP Awards

Brendan Walker
Pro Football Spot writers and analysts took matters into their own hands and voted on which players were the MVPs on both the offense and defensive sides for the 2015 football season. | Photo Credit:

Offensive Player of the Year: Matthew Stafford

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Passing Yards: 4,262
  • Completion Percentage: 67.2% (398/592)
  • Touchdowns: 32
  • Interceptions: 13
  • Passer Rating: 97.0

“Although he was put behind a very unsteady offensive line, Stafford finished his 2015 campaign with the second best quarterback passer rating of his career. Throwing for over 4,000 yards in a season is great in itself, but that is because of the lack of run game; without the run established, Stafford was forced to air out the ball each game. Now without Calvin Johnson, Stafford will have to step up his game even further in order to keep the roaring air attack strong in Detroit for years to come.”

---Brendan Walker (@b_dog_walker)


Defensive Player of the Year: Ezekiel Ansah

  • Position: Defensive End
  • Solo Tackles: 39
  • Assisted Tackles: 8
  • Sacks: 14.5
  • Forced Fumbles: 4
  • Fumbles Recovered: 2
  • Passes Defended: 1

“Ezekiel Ansah was maybe the biggest positive the Lions can take from a disappointing 2015 season. With Ndamukong Suh in Miami and DeAndre Levy missing the season due to injury, the Lions desperately needed someone to step up on the defensive side of the ball, and Ansah did just that. The third year defensive end finished third in sacks and was elected to his first career Pro Bowl. He along with a healthy Haloti Ngata and DeAndre Levy make for a solid defensive core. Look for Ansah to continue to improve, and work his way into elite rankings, getting talked about with the likes of JJ Watt, Von Miller, and other top pass rushers in the NFL.”

---John Miller (@JohnnMill)


The Detroit Lions finished the regular season with a 7-9 record and will have the 16th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Brendan Walker is an NFL Analyst for Pro Football Spot. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @b_dog_walker.

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User Feedback

On 3/12/2016 at 9:49 AM, Daniel Paluch said:

Do you think the Lions should stay with Stafford? Would they be better off drafting a younger player and building for the future?

Stafford still has one hell of an arm. If they can find speedy receivers who have well enough hands to catch deep balls, I say keep 'em. In 2 or 3 years though they should start thinking about drafting a quarterback to train up to be the next franchise QB

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