Santa's List: Philadelphia Eagles Edition

Brendan Walker
Some of the Philadelphia Eagles players have made it onto Santa's list and while some players have been gifts to the franchise, others have gotten coal at the bottom of their stocking. | Photo Credit: USA Today

The Philadelphia Eagles 2016 season hasn’t been the most promising. There have been bad times and there have been good times. This Christmas day we look back at some of the players and their moments where they were naughty and deserved coal while also looking at times where Eagles fans experienced "nice" moments that were as happy as a young Eagles fan receiving his first jersey on Christmas morning. Get ready, because Santa is coming to Philly.




Lane Johnson’s PED Suspension

The Eagles came into the 2016 season on a momentum filled start going 3-0 with one of the best offensive tackle tandems in the league. After a close game in Detroit, the Eagles lost Johnson for a total of 10 games and during that stretch the eagles went 2-8. A rookie quarterback could have had better protection and who knows what the Eagles record would have looked like had there been better right side protection. If Johnson is caught another time he will be withheld from playing football for two years. Lane, you get coal. Hopefully you come back next year drug free. Eagles fans really need you (Eagles are 4-1 when Johnson is starting).


Nelson “Brick Hands” Agholor

A first round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Agholor has not owned up to what his draft number was and is most likely out the door after this season. At minimum, Agholor should not start next year at all. Mid-season, Agholor had to get a reality check and was benched—and for good reason. Plenty of times Agholor has dropped a pass or become lazy on his catches. He has only caught around 52% of his total targets and has let down fans constantly. Ironically, for the little amount of reliability he has shown, he probably gets the biggest bag of coal out of anyone.




Brandon Graham

BG has finally established himself as a top force in the NFL after this season. The transition to a Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 defense has placed Graham in a position where he can succeed the most—as a pass rusher. His sack total isn’t the highest and his overall stats don’t stand out quite as good as others, but his consistent pressure every week on opposing quarterbacks makes Graham worthy of being on the nice list. If he can keep it up, he is close to being known as “elite.”



The kid is special and has done everything he has been asked for and more as a rookie. The future is bright for the rookie that only needs a couple of pieces for him to really succeed. Currently ranked 4th in passing attempts this season, Wentz has gone on to break the Eagles single season completion record with 62.4% of all of his passes completed (a record previously held by Donovan McNabb). As he adapts quickly and is given more time during the offseason to build chemistry, Wentz looks to be the savior Philadelphia has needed for quite some time.

Brendan Walker is an NFL Analyst and Editor for Pro Football Spot. You can follow Brendan on Twitter at @BWalkerASU­­

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