Revisiting the Eagles 2016 Bold Predictions

Brendan Walker
In a season run short, the Eagles were close to meeting some of the bold predictions made for them in 2016. | Photo Credit: Pocono Record

Let’s face it, this season was not ideal for the Eagles. They suffered a losing streak mid-season, they had the toughest schedule in the NFL and many players were injured the entire year. Bold predictions were made at the beginning of the season. Here we will take a look at each prediction and if they were correct or not.


The winner of the NFC East will come down to Week 17 against the Cowboys. – INCORRECT

Nope. The NFC was in close contention early on in the season but towards the end, the Dallas Cowboys were already on a long enough streak to win the division. There was a slight pause for the title when the New York Giants beat the Cowboys for the second time this season but in the end the Cowboys clinched the division before the final week of the season.

Ryan Mathews will be a Top-5 back this season. – INCORRECT

Was the potential there? Yes. Mathews has his flashes of being a good back, but his consistency was not enough to make him anywhere close. He finished as the No. 25 running back in the league in rushing with 661 rushing yards. His value mainly came as a goal-line back where he tied for 11th in the league with eight rushing touchdowns.

The Eagles defense will be a Top 10 defense in the league. – INCORRECT

This one was the closest out of all the predictions. The Eagles made a huge jump in terms of defensive production but it wasn’t quite enough to get to be Top-10. When it comes to statistics, here is what the defense was able to accomplish:

  • 13th in total yards allowed per game (342.8)
  • 12th in points allowed on the season (327)
  • T-5th in fewest defensive penalties (99)
  • 3rd in total scrimmage plays (978)
  • 20th in yards per play allowed (5.6)

The Eagles will win 60% of their five hardest games of the season (Weeks 7,8,10,11,12). – INCORRECT

Three out of five was all that was needed. THREE. Sadly, this prediction was was so close to becoming correct but ended up being incorrect as the Eagles only won two out of their hardest games. They beat the Vikings and Falcons at home, but lost to the Cowboys, Seahawks and Packers.


Malcolm Jenkins will lead the league in interceptions in 2016 – INCORRECT

There’s a reason that they are extra bold right? Jenkins did not even have the most interceptions in the league let alone his own team. (Hicks lead the team with 5 interceptions) He came up with two in Week 16 alone against the Giants, but other than that Jenkins was more of a zone coverage player rather than a turnover-creator this season.

The Eagles will have the best offensive lineman group in the NFC East – INCORRECT

At the beginning of the season, the one competitor that was said that the Eagles would compare against was their division rival Cowboys. The Eagles would have been close to having a Top-5 offensive line group if it weren’t for suspensions and injuries. Rookies were shuffled around mid-season due to absences on the line, which made it hard for them to establish themselves as an elite group. The Cowboys, Raiders, Packers, Titans and Patriots all had some of the best offensive lines the league due to their collective efforts and lack of injury.

Brendan Walker is an NFL Analyst and Editor for Pro Football Spot. You can follow Brendan on Twitter at @BWalkerASU­­

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On 1/7/2017 at 8:50 PM, Chris Licata said:

Tough season for Philly, but there's still something to look forward to with Wentz. I appreciate this transparency though!

Had to aim high for the season! haha

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