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Odell Beckham is the New Tony Romo

Todd Salem
Odell Beckham and the New York Giants lost in their opening round playoff game. Beckham is the scapegoat for the defeat and has become the new Tony Romo. | Photo Credit:

Remember when Tony Romo took a trip to Mexico before the Dallas Cowboys played a playoff game? The Cowboys lost, and everyone blamed the fact that Romo went on vacation before a game! Except, well, he didn't really. Dallas had a week off. Despite this being not only an off-day for Romo but an off-week, he was skewered. As the Dallas Star-Telegram exclaims, the “'trip to Cabo'...became a defining moment in Romo’s career."

10 years later, Odell Beckham Jr. has become the new Tony Romo. Beckham and the New York Giants fell flat against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, getting routed in the wildcard round. Everyone would have been looking for excuses as to why Beckham had a bad game filled with drops. You know, besides the fact that it was 10 degrees outside. But Beckham gave them that excuse just a few days earlier, when he and some teammates took a boat trip in Miami.

You might think in 2017 a thing like this would be completely ignored. It was his off-day; he is free to do what he wishes, just as you or I are allowed to have a fun time when we are off from work. People are more grownup in 2017 than they were in 2007. There is no chance Beckham receives the Romo treatment. Besides, he's not the quarterback, which had to have factored into the vitriol toward Romo.

This hypothetical "you" would be wrong; very wrong.

The Sporting News says no one is dropping the boat party now.

Fox Sports says the boat party played a role in Beckham's bad day.

Yahoo says OBJ can't "sail past" it. 

Twitter obviously took to meme-creating with all the excitement and creativity one would expect.

There has been no growth or maturity, or even any common sense. You know who else was on that boat with Beckham? Sterling Shepard, who had a fantastic game against Green Bay. Was his side of the boat less rocky? Did he get less sun? Unfortunately, none of that matters for Odell, the star of this team and the resident news-maker. 

Romo never did something like his Cabo trip again. He also never found playoff success anyway. Obviously, the Mexico trip didn't matter. Obviously, this Miami boat ride doesn't mean anything either. As the peerless Trey Songz pointed out, the Giants' defensive backs weren't on the boat; what was their excuse?

Todd Salem, New York Giants Lead Writer and pecan pie enthusiast

On Twitter @sportspinata

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