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Jason Pierre-Paul Gives Giants Ultimatum

Todd Salem
New York Giants' defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has told the New York Giants that he will not be back for another one-year deal. It is up to the club to make the next move. | Photo Credit:

After the New York Giants’ loss in the wildcard round of the postseason, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was ready to talk about his future. He told the media that he will not be signing another one-year deal like he did last offseason.

Pierre-Paul signed a prove-it deal, and he feels as though he proved enough in 2016. His full thought on the subject: “I'm not playing on no one-year deal. I've proved it. I've showed it. There is not really another guy like me out here doing it with 7½ fingers still." Bruh…

Overlooking JPP’s insane comparison that he is the best 7.5-fingered edge rusher in the NFL, he did prove something this season. He proved he is a really good player. However, he also proved he wasn’t able to play a full season. Pierre-Paul missed the most important part of the season to boot. He was not available as the team attempted to clinch a postseason berth and then when it was trying to win in the playoffs. Instead of having him rushing the quarterback opposite Olivier Vernon, the Giants were routinely stood up against Green Bay, giving Aaron Rodgers five, six, eight seconds to throw the ball. It was embarrassing for a team that was supposed to have the best defense left in the league.

Pierre-Paul proved the Giants need his services. He also proved he wasn’t able to deliver them. Wasn’t the original point of the one-year deal to see whether or not JPP could play a full schedule healthy? His 2016 injury was unrelated to his hand injury (he had sports hernia surgery), but it still sapped him of a quarter of the regular season and New York’s entire postseason.

Pierre-Paul is probably good enough to garner a huge contract. Teams are still afraid of his health, though. Both of those things can be true. His future depends on which side of the line New York falls on.

Todd Salem, New York Giants Lead Writer and pecan pie enthusiast

On Twitter @sportspinata

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