It is finally Stealers week, and the Cincinnati Bengals are feeling fired up coming off a big win against the Bills.
Not only that, but with the Ravens faltering, the Bengals could get within a half-game of the division lead and with a head to head win over the Steelers after the weekend.
The Steelers are always a tough opponent for the Bengals and always an important game. It is unfair to label games this early in the season as must-win, but with the momentum the Bengals have built, and an easier than expected game against the Colts with Andrew Luck not expected to play, this game is very important for the Bengals to win.
The Bengals could be on a three-game winning streak with a very winnable game against the Colts. The Bengals need to continue growing on offense and shut down the Steelers stars.
To start off the game, the Steelers receive the ball.


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