The Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs keeps rolling. It’s the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots now facing off for a berth in the AFC Championship Game tonight.
In this one, we get Marcus Mariota throwing blocks for Derrick Henry against a mediocre New England defense, Delanie Walker being the only receiver Mariota can complete a pass to, Stephon Gilmore getting burned, Tom Brady angry—if he yells at anyone, it signals the end of the Patriots as we know it, Bill Belichick red faced with a hoodie on, Taylor Lewan sealing the left edge for Henry cutbacks, Rob Gronkowski being uncoverable, twelve-yard Dion Lewis runs, Mike Mularkey looking confused, Dick LeBeau looking old, Jurrell Casey’s buttcrack, and Brandin Cooks running really, really fast.
Take it off. Enjoy the game. Remember the standard commenting rules apply.


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