In a Facebook video posted to the NFL’s page, Hall of Famer Deion Sanders suggested the Los Angeles Chargers send Philip Rivers to the Denver Broncos via trade.

“Give me Philip Rivers, send him to the Denver Broncos, and get ready to get your ring sized. Okay?” Sanders said in a video posted to the NFL’s Facebook page. “If he’s ever going to win it all, he’s going to have to leave, baby.”

It’s not the first time an analyst or fan for that matter daydreamed about a mega-trade. But it’s typically not delivered with such conviction.

The video appeared on the NFL’s Facebook page early Thursday afternoon, and while it’s fun June gossip to say the least, there is little context if any given prior to the video.

Let’s forget the fact that trading between division mates is seldom done, nor a great idea. Philip Rivers also, has had quite the rivalry with the Denver Broncos and its fans.

Rivers the Answer for Denver?

But the move, would of course go a long way to solve Denver’s quarterback woes in the short term.

“That’s what they need,” he went on to say. “I don’t even know who’s quarterbacking for the Denver Broncos—I don’t know if there’s a battle to be had. All I do know is every time Philip Rivers gets close, the management team there allows those really good guys that he has to get out of town by some sort or fashion. And I don’t’ know how it keeps happening.”

Rivers of course was less-than-willing to make the move from San Diego to Los Angeles early in the process of relocating the team. He has backed off the stance in recent months.

When the Denver Broncos open training camp in a couple weeks, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch are expected to compete for the starting job.

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Robby Gal is the Editor and Lead Writer for Pro Football Spot's Denver Broncos page. You can follow Robby @robbygal0719 and get all of your Broncos coverage @spot_broncos.