Just before NFL free agency kicked off, the New York Giants slipped in a story about ticket pricing for the 2017 football season. Surely this was done to hide some disappointing news, like when commissioners make announcements on a Friday afternoon. Long story short: the prices of tickets to a Giants game will be going up. And yes, that includes required prices to watch preseason football.

According to the New York Post, the average ticket increase will be four percent. However, that increase is falling on non-club tickets, AKA the people who can probably least afford to pay an increase. As sets and sections of tickets go up five and 10 dollars apiece, preseason ticket increases follow.

All preseason tickets for season-ticket holders are set at 50 percent of regular-season prices. That percentage will hold, meaning as one increases, so does the other. It is going to cost even more for no one to watch the Giants pretend to play real football in August. That kind of stings.

The fact that an across-the-board increase was not utilized feels odd. Why see an increase to the “worse” seats while club seating remains constant? Obviously the club seating is already more costly than these that are currently seeing a price bump, but raising the cost of anything that could be seen as better bang for the buck seems cruel.

According to a letter to season-ticket holders released by the team, “for most of you, this is the first overall increase to your season ticket pricing since we moved into MetLife Stadium in 2010.” I suppose seven years is a comfortable length of time to avoid an increase, just don’t make these sorry folks pay more for preseason football games! It’s barbaric.

Incidentally, the Giants should be super fun to watch in 2017. A hopefully still elite defense will play alongside a prolific passing offense. If New York has a successful draft rivaling what it accomplished last year, another playoff berth is likely. Then paying an extra $10 a pop won’t feel so bad…assuming fans just skip those preseason games entirely.

Todd Salem is the New York Giants Lead Writer at Pro Football Spot. He is also a Contributing Editor at BuzzChomp, a Staff Writer for NFL Spinzone, and a Featured Columnist at College Sports Madness, among others. Follow him on Twitter @sportspinata